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A Message from Ellen 4-11-18

April 11, 2018

Dear Friends, I hope you have been hearing and reading about the new grass roots justice ministry in which FLPC has been participating. MORE Justice Ministry is a new, non-profit organization in the midlands that is working to unite congregations of faith (Christian, Jewish and Muslim) to hold elected officials accountable to take small measurable actions that will address justice concerns. This year the process – which began more than a year ago actually – has focused on justice issues in the area of education (with a focus on school discipline and out of school suspensions) and mental health (focus…

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A Message from Ellen 3-28-18

March 28, 2018

Dear Friends, Last Sunday, after worship, many of us were greeted with a couple standing by Rockbridge Road with a baby in a stroller begging for help.  Someone told me that they wondered if it was a set up.  No.  At least not a set up by me. It is very uncomfortable to be faced with someone begging for money, food, etc.  And I am not comfortable with what this couple was doing.  I have from time to time given money to people who ask me when I am out and about in my “civilian” duties.  But often when I…

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Lent Week 5 – Palm/Passion Sunday

March 26, 2018

You are loved unconditionally and completely. You are not what the world makes you. You were created because of love and you are given unconditional love. That is who you are: A beloved child who has love to share. Suggested Scripture John 12:12-16 ~ The Triumphal Entry Mark 14:32-36 ~ Jesus Prays in Gethsemane Reflection That voice of love made it possible for Jesus to walk in the world, to live in truth, and also to suffer. He knew who he was, he claimed it, and he lived from it. People rejected him, hurt him, and finally killed him on…

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