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April 24, 2024

“Your choice of ham or turkey sandwich or chef salad.” Normally my interest is piqued when I see “specify your choice of lunch,” which is something we read in the FLPC write-up about the upcoming senior lunch with Melanie Weathers with Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union. I keep reading anytime I see something that mentions food! However, although I always care about the food at any event, I do realize what’s more important is the content.

Melanie will be presenting about a growing issue that (sadly) has affected too many people: Internet scamming. We all have received clever emails (maybe even texts) inviting us to share our personal information. Furthermore, “ransomware” cleverly can infiltrate our computers, demanding we pay a certain amount of money to unlock our computer.

Scamming can happen to anyone at any time, so how can we be on the lookout?

We have two options for you over the next few weeks:
• May 1 at 6 PM: Cybersecurity Presentation from the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs (SCDCA): Sponsored by the FLPC Board of Deacons, Scott Cooke from the SCDCA will be in the fellowship hall to give a presentation on cybersecurity. This is open to all audiences, please invite your friends! Register on the “news and events” page at If you’re not able to attend, please note the SCDCA has many helpful videos on a variety of topics that affect all of us on their YouTube channel:
• May 9 at 12 PM: Senior Lunch: “Protecting Yourself: Unveiling the Truth Behind Imposter, Romance, and Support Scams!” Yes, you have your choice of lunch, but Melanie will give us the tools needed to protect ourselves and loved ones from scamming. Register on the “news and events” page at
When we look around the first floor lobby, we see various collections intended to love and serve our neighbors. Collecting items to help our neighbors is an ancient practice, one that will continue (and hopefully grow) long after we leave this earth. These upcoming cybersecurity and scamming sessions are another way to love and serve our neighbors. Many of our neighbors are unaware of the volume and depth of Internet scamming, so consider these upcoming sessions as outreach opportunities to gain important knowledge and love one another.
See you soon at FLPC,

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