What to Expect

Even in this time of pandemic, Forest Lake is traditional, yet relaxed.  Every Sunday we livestream our worship service, and members and visitors are encouraged to register to attend in-person worship by responding to our weekly emails or by calling the church office directly.  In worship, people will be dressed in everything from jeans to suits. We use printed bulletins to allow the congregation to participate in worship, and slides on our livestream to allow the same.  Masks are required and, while we benefit from having wonderful soloists and special music, congregational singing is not yet allowed.  Nursery is provided for infants and toddlers. 

As the weather warms, we anticipate holding outdoor worship services in our Rockbridge side Parking Lot.  Worshippers may choose to stay in their cars or bring their own chairs and sit outside.  Singing is allowed when worship is outside.  Dress is casual and no pre-registration is required.  See our News and Events page for the schedule. 

For now, our educational and faith formation opportunities happen in small groups that meet throughout the week (in person/hybrid/online groups are all available).  We call our Adult small groups H3 Groups (for Head, Heart and Hands in the service of Jesus Christ).  More information about these small groups and other opportunities for study and service may be found on our website under Our Ministries. Educational and fellowship opportunities are also available in a mix of online, hybrid and in person.  Please visit our News and Events page for more details. 

Worshipping God each week, either in person or via live stream, is the spiritual practice that keeps our lives in focus.  It is difficult to train ourselves to see people and events as God sees them without God’s help.  If you feel far from God, consider making weekly worship a priority.