What to Expect

If you come on a Sunday morning you can expect to see people of every age. People will be dressed in everything from jeans to suits. You can expect high energy, traditional worship and a warm welcome. Worship at Forest Lake is traditional, yet relaxed. The service includes a Time With Young Disciples, after which children first grade and below may leave for Children’s Church or stay with their parents in the sanctuary. There is a Connecting Point Desk in the upstairs lobby beside the Sanctuary and coffee can be found right across from that desk. At the Connecting Point desk you can find more information on programs, Sunday school classes and other ongoing events. You can also find more information on our classes by clicking on Educational Opportunities.

Worshipping God each week is the spiritual practice that keeps our lives in focus. It is difficult to train ourselves to see people and events as God sees them without God’s help. If you feel far from God, consider making weekly worship a priority.

Our Sunday morning schedule includes:

Early Service at 9:00am
Sunday School at 10:00am
Late Service at 11:00am