Join us for faith formation in July!

We’ll have faith formation opportunities for all ages after worship each Sunday in July. The nursery will be open for our youngest disciples.

  • Elementary and youth (room location TBD): Bible basics with Bill Wannamaker and Ed Black
  • Adults (room E-205): How Can We Be Good News People in a Violent World?
    • Sunday, July 7: Speaker: Ellen Skidmore: Bringing down the heat. What can I do about violence?
    • Sunday, July 14: Speaker: Trevon Fordham, Director of the Office of Violent Crime Prevention for the City of Columbia
    • Sunday, July 21: Speaker: Merie Mirosavich, Midlands Be SMART (partner in Decker Collective) Co-lead
    • Sunday, July 28: My Neighbor’s Voice listening cards. To learn more about My Neighbor’s Voice, please visit http://www.myneighborsvoice.org

VBS Details

Please plan to join us for our intergenerational Vacation Bible School (July 14-17 from 5:45-7:30 PM)! Click here to register. Children and youth will have their own programming, and here’s the list of adult speakers. Join us!

Sunday, July 14: “Trust in God” Interfaith Panel

  • Imam Omar Shaheed, Masjid As-Salaam
  • Rev. Jackie Utley, Asencion Lutheran Church
  • Rev. Julie Belman, Bethel United Methodist Church
  • Rabbi Erik Uriarte, Tree of Life Synagogue
  • LTC Gregory Jackson, Deputy Garrison Chaplain of Fort Jackson

Note: If you have a question you would like to ask the panel, please email it in advance to Ed Black: edblack@flpc.org

Monday, July 15: “Trusting in the Promises of God” musical performance in the sanctuary, featuring:

  • Rev. Eddie Huss, Minister of Music and Arts, Shandon Methodist Church
  • Bradley Fuller, South Carolina Public Radio

Tuesday, July 16:

  • Mary Anne Massey, member of Shandon Presbyterian Church, Leadership and Therapy, owner of Guidance, Growth, and Grace

Wednesday, July 17:

  • Tommie Wingate, founder of EMS Closet, member of St. John’s Episcopal Church, will lead a service project with us. To learn more about EMS Closet, visit http://emscloset.org

The Decker Collective Planning Meeting

June 25, 4:30

All are welcome to come learn more and be part of our planning for the Decker Collective. The mission of the Decker Collective is to promote safety in the Decker Boulevard community by building trust, strengthening connections, and increasing access to local resources. This exciting project was a result of the benevolent portion of our Capital Campaign. Come be part of changing our community in positive ways! This meeting takes place at Serve and Connect Offices, 8131 Brookfield Rd. Contact Jodi Beckham with questions.

Capital Needs Education and Listening Sessions – June 2024

 The congregation is invited to attend one of three sessions hosted by The Session. These meetings will:

  1. Celebrate all that the current Capital Campaign has accomplished
  2. Give up-to-date information about the projects that were deferred, the residual debt, and new capital needs

Listen to input from the congregation about your priorities and thoughts for future planning

  • Sunday, June 2nd at 11am – Fellowship Hall
  • Wednesday, June 12th at 12pm – Fellowship Hall (with lunch if desired)
  • Sunday, June 23rd at 11am – Fellowship Hall

The sessions, all identical, are scheduled to last one hour, and do not require any registration, UNLESS you would like to reserve a lunch (salad or sandwich) for the session that will be held on Wednesday, June 12th at noon.  To reserve your lunch for June 12th, follow the link here.   But please mark your calendars for one of these three sessions.  Come and be a part of planning for our future!

OA Meeting

Overeaters Anonymous meets for one hour at 7:30 am on Fridays in the Community Room.

All are welcome.


The FLPC Education Ministry has made it possible for FLPC to begin to experiment with podcasts to get the Good News out into the world beyond our walls.  Ed and Ellen are working on two separate podcasts!  See below for descriptions and how to find them. We hope you will listen and subscribe to these two podcasts! Let us know what you think. Stay tuned!


FLPC’s podcast is where we are invited to talk frankly about what needs to change in us, in the Church and in the world, even as we follow and worship a God who doesn’t change.  We say that our Church’s purpose is “transforming head, heart, and hands in the service of Jesus Christ!”  What does this transformation look like?  On Spotify.com or Google Podcasts, search for “Forest Lake Presbyterian Church” or “Transforming Faith.”  Or click this link:  https://open.spotify.com/show/2M8f8qPl5voN2YWA2tTEVn


Ellen Skidmore, Rabbi Jonathan Case, and Imam Omar Shaheed have joined forces to continue our tradition of interfaith conversations in creating a second podcast series.  The Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faith all share Abraham as a father of our faith, and we invite you to a lively and respectful interfaith discussion. We do not always agree, but we all love God, and we recognize that every human being is made in God’s image.  Join us as we talk about issues that affect our everyday lives.  From spiritual disciplines and Scriptural instructions for living, to discussions of immigration and mental health, please join us at Abraham’s Table.  On Spotify.com or Apple Podcasts search for “Abraham’s Table”.   Or click this link:  https://open.spotify.com/show/6GOlaVIBFa0z6JfAfKH1N8

Now Collecting:

Non-perishable Food - We have an ongoing collection of non-perishable food for Rehoboth United Methodist Food Pantry. Pasta, mac and cheese are always needed, but any meal/pantry staple is greatly appreciated. There is a collection box downstairs at church.

Pet Supplies for Final Victory Animal Shelter and Columbia Animal Services - Supplies needed:  sheets, towels, blankets, pet food (can be opened), cat litter, laundry detergent, pet toys (new or GENTLY used), leashes, collars, carriers and crates. The collection box is located downstairs in the welcome area.

Recycling - Our Environmental Stewardship team keeps this church focused on the ways we can take care of God's Creation.

The following items can be recycled in our recycling closet found downstairs on the right before the library.

  • Dental hygiene items - Please make sure they are clean: used toothbrushes, empty dental floss containers, empty toothpaste tubes, toothbrush and toothpaste outer packaging.
  • Razor blades, razors and their plastic packaging of any brand.
  • Socks - Old clothing is a huge portion of landfill space, so socks are an easy way to reduce what we send to landfills!  These can be used knee socks, sport socks/footies, or other socks of any fabric. The only exception is tights/stockings/panty hose which are not accepted. They do not need to paired up, and holey socks are fine - just submit them clean and dry, please!
  • Ink jet cartridges (no toner cartridges please). These are donated to Fellowship Camp and Conference Center.

Café Justo Coffee

You can order Café Justo coffee locally! This coffee cooperative is supported by our mission partner, Frontera de Cristo. Café Justo is a Grower owned Coffee Cooperative based in southern Chiapas Mexico, formed to address the poverty and migration from Mexico to the U.S.A. By supporting this coffee cooperative, you bring more money to the coffee farmers of Mexico - even more than Fair Trade!

Coffee can be purchase locally from Rowena Nylund.  This organic coffee is available in whole bean or ground and your choice of Arabica Decaf, 100% Arabica mild roast, 50% Arabica 50% Robusta, 100% Robusta (strongest), and 50% Arabica Decaf and 50% Arabica. If you want to reduce your caffeine intake, try the half decaf and half Arabica!

The coffee is $11 per bag for the 100% and $12 per bag for 50/50 and decaf. Gift certificates are also available.