B365 Groups

B365 Groups

B365 refers to FLPC's year-long, church-wide study of Magrey Devega's The Bible Year: A Journey Through Scripture in 365 Days.

If you’re looking to increase your Scripture knowledge, join one of these small groups (or start your own)! Each group will meet for 8 weeks and then determine how it will continue to support each other through the year. If you form your own group, please let Ed Black know! We'd love to keep track of who is doing it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a B365 group? A B365 group is a support group for those who want to know more Scripture and become more comfortable reading the Bible. Individuals will purchase and use Magrey Devega’s The Bible Year:A Journey Through Scripture in 365 Days, from January to December 2024, to guide their reading through the entire Bible in one year.

How many groups are available? The groups below will begin the week of January 7:

  • Sunday at 9 AM: Led by Beth Rozek
  • Sunday at 7 PM on Zoom: Led by Pam Bowman
  • Tuesday at 1 PM: Led by Ed Black
  • Wednesday at 6:45 PM: Led by Ellen Skidmore and Jodi Beckham
  • Thursday at 10 AM: Led by Janyce Collins

Do I have to be part of a B365 group to participate? This program is intended to develop a personal spiritual practice of reading Scripture. You can do this alone, with family members, or form your own support group. Everyone who participates (alone or with a group) will be eligible and invited to participate in larger discussions and events intended to support and enhance your understanding of Scripture.

How often do the groups meet? Each group is expected to meet for 8 consecutive weeks beginning the week of January 7. After the first 8 weeks, each group will determine its meeting and support schedule.

How long are the meetings? Group meetings are approximately one hour.

How much reading is required? Please plan to spend approximately 20-30 minutes each day reading that particular day’s assigned Scripture. Magrey Devega, the book’s author, provides a perspective for each day’s reading, too.

Which version of the Bible should I use? The Bible Year: A Journey Through Scripture has New Revised Standard Version Scripture (NRSV) references. We recommend using NRSV or CEB (Common English Bible) Bibles.

Do I need to purchase the book to participate? Yes, please buy Magrey Devega’s The Bible Year:A Journey Through Scripture. It is approximately $20.

I want to join a group. How do I register? Please click here.

I want to start a group. How do I do this? Please email Ed Black: edblack@flpc.org. He’ll provide you with the leader guide that corresponds with the book.