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A Message from Ellen

January 23, 2020

January 22, 2020

Dear Friends,

Instead of believing what someone else tells us, or what we read on Facebook or other social media sites, it is always good to do our own research.  Seeking the truth is required of all of us.  And, the last couple of years has given us all a quick lesson in how very wrong some of what we hear and read can be.

So, I want to invite you to participate in a wonderfully unique event, the goal of which is truth seeking and relationship building.  If you have been disturbed by the recent news of anti-Semitic attacks in our nation or if you have ever harbored the question in your heart about whether or not Muslims are “out to kill us”, then I implore you to participate in the three Thursday events in February that will allow all of us to participate in interfaith discussion.

Rabbi Case (Beth Shalom Synagogue), Imam Shaheed (Masjid As-Salaam) and I will be holding conversations – to which you are invited – to talk about what our three faiths share and also where we differ.  Instead of relying on the internet to tell you what Muslim’s believe, it is far more reliable to listen to a person who practices that faith tell us what he believes.  Do not settle for ½ truth, when the opportunity to hear from a living, breathing person who loves and practices this faith offers to teach us!

Each night, there will be one question that all three of us answer.  On Thursday, February 13th, we will meet at Beth Shalom Synagogue (6:30-8:30), and we will discuss how our faith traditions received our Scriptures and uses or interprets them to guide the faithful.  Then, there will be questions that members of the audience have submitted.  Dr. Walter Edgar, professor emeritus from USC, will be our moderator.  On Thursday, February 20th, we will meet in the Stavros Auditorium at the Lutheran Theological Seminary, because the Mosque/Masjid is too small to hold many people.  We will discuss the question, “What is the one belief that you wish the world knew or understood better about your faith?”  The final night, Thursday, February 27th we will all meet here at Forest Lake and will discuss the question of whether or not our religion allows for “the other.”

You are encouraged to attend ALL THREE EVENTS, as the questions discussed each night will be different.  But, if you can only attend one, do that!  You MUST have a ticket, but they are FREE.  All you need do is mark your calendar, call the church office to reserve your ticket(s) and then attend.  Childcare is available for the first and third nights.  I have had calls from outside of our congregation to attend, and any tickets not reserved by FLPC folks will be made available to our friends outside of our congregation after Sunday, February 2nd.

There are many people in our world who do not want to be confused by the facts.  I encourage you not to be among them.  Come and hear what Jews and Muslims believe from a devout and faithful believer of those faiths.  You might just learn more about what you believe as well.

Seek truth!

Ellen Fowler Skidmore

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