Forest Lake Talks

Lent Week 5 – Palm/Passion Sunday

March 26, 2018

You are loved unconditionally and completely. You are not what the world makes you. You were created because of love and you are given unconditional love. That is who you are: A beloved child who has love to share.

Suggested Scripture

John 12:12-16 ~ The Triumphal Entry

Mark 14:32-36 ~ Jesus Prays in Gethsemane


That voice of love made it possible for Jesus to walk in the world, to live in truth, and also to suffer. He knew who he was, he claimed it, and he lived from it. People rejected him, hurt him, and finally killed him on the cross. But Jesus never lost the truth: his life on earth was a fulfillment of scripture. In return to what people had done to him, Jesus later said, “As the Father has loved me, I love you.”

Activity Idea

  • Have a parade! Shout, “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”
  • Celebrate Holy Week with the church family: Stations of the Cross, Upper Room Communion, Seder Supper, Good Friday Service, Easter Worship.
  • Repeat Q1 & Q2 from Belonging to God: A First Catechism (Adopted by the 210th General Assembly (1998) of the Presbyterian Church (USA))
  • Question 1. Who Are You? I am a Child of God.
  • Question 2. What does it mean to be a child of God? That I belong to God, who loves me.

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