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April 18, 2019

As we make our way through Lent, I am again faced with one the part of my Christianity I struggle with the most. Good Friday. When I go out in public there is no sign of it. It is a happy time. Stores are full of brightly wrapped candy made especially for this time of year, pretty dresses, china with bunnies on it. I guess the real message is not easily promoted.

At FLPC we have chosen to focus on reconciliation for Lent. Reconciliation is synonymous with bringing back together, reuniting, but the root of reconciliation means to change (

God fought for me. He brought me into relationship with Him before I knew I had faith in Christ. I am constantly pulled away from Him. I don’t want it, but I seem to allow it. The busy-ness of life does that, doesn’t it? But He wants and waits for me. His love for me changes me. He is constantly bringing me back to Him and that changes me day to day.

I am changed by Christ’s sacrifice for my life. How does that change me? I want to change the world around me. I want to make it better. I want to help those who suffer. I want to feed those who are hungry. I want to house those who are homeless. I am only one person, making a meager attempt but I am so grateful for the chance to be changed by Christ. So very grateful!

So again, I will go to our Good Friday service. I will remember how painful it is to face the fact that someone I love so much, gave up His life for me, so I could be brought closer to Him. So my sinfulness would not separate us. I don’t deserve it. He knows that and did so anyway. How grateful I am to HIM!

Jodi Beckham

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