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May 11, 2022

May 11, 2022

Dear Friends,

I have good news and bad news.  Actually, if I told you all of the good news about life at Forest Lake, I wouldn’t get to anything else.  I’m sure you have noticed the beautiful new playground, the refreshed landscaping, the new security cameras, etc., etc., etc.  We just signed a contract to significantly improve our sanctuary sound system, and we are very close to having all we need to get bids on the renovations of the kitchen, Community Room Bathrooms, and the shower addition. The Capital Campaign will, eventually, provide a cash infusion for our Capital Reserve Fund to help us keep our facility in good working order.  And that is just the good news of the physical plant side of FLPC.  Thank you to all who made pledges to our Capital Campaign.  The fruit of your investment is easy to see, and if you have not yet made a pledge, now would be a GREAT time to do so.  Remember that we set our budgets 3 years ago.  A lot has happened in three years, and my concern is that we may have to make some hard choices if current prices exceed our three-year-old budgets.  So, please consider a pledge if you have not already made one.

And that brings me to one small, but noticeable, piece of bad news.  Earlier in the year, one of the four HVAC units that heat and cool the sanctuary died.  Property Ministry ordered a unit to replace that one in March (we are still waiting on a backordered compressor).  But we learned this week that two additional sanctuary HVAC units died almost simultaneously. One of them has been rigged so that it can “limp” along at about half speed.  But the cumulative take away is that we have only 1.5 of the 4 AC units in the sanctuary in working order at the moment.  Not good news here in the middle of May!!!  Of course, these units are 23 years old and have served us well.  So, Property determined to purchase two more HVAC units (Good News). This will practically deplete our existing capital reserves (Bad News), but we have the money (Good News).  We learned this morning that the two new units – already ordered – are not expected until June 15th (Bad News).  So, while we will do our best to use the capacity we have to keep the sanctuary livable, those of you who are always cold during worship are getting your wish!!!  Please come anyway and just dress accordingly.  And know that FLPC is strong, viable, and in great financial shape.  And we are that way because of your pledges and gifts.  This place does not work without you and your support!  Thank you!  And please keep up the good work.

May the heat we feel be that of the Holy Spirit!!

Ellen Fowler Skidmore

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