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June 5, 2019

June 5, 2019

Dear Friends,

You have begun to see notices that “H3 Groups are coming!”, and I have had several folks ask me what that means.  I am grateful for the questions.  Because the answer is one that I have wanted to give for a number of years.

Beginning this summer, all of us are invited to consider becoming part of a new small group opportunity at FLPC.  The small groups – called H3 (for Head, Heart and Hands) – will meet at a day and time of the group’s choosing and will study, eat, pray, play and even serve together.  The initial commitment will be for an eight-week span.  Bible study will be a core part of what happens during these groups, but the purpose goes beyond only Bible study.

H3 groups will become a means of helping us grow in our relationship with God and with other followers of Jesus and therefore will help us in the process of transformation into disciples of Christ.  This really is the mission of the church, and so I encourage you to consider signing up to participate in an H3 group.  Sign-ups will begin in July.  The groups will be limited to 12 folks.  You can recruit your own group of 12 or sign up and be assigned to a group that is still forming.  Groups may decide to meet in homes or at church.  If H3 groups want to meet on Wednesdays at church and take advantage of the meal and childcare that are here already, then that is an option.

H3 groups are an invitation to take seriously (in a very fun way) what it means to be a follower of Jesus.  If you are already a member of a Sunday School Class or some other committed regular study group, then you may decide that you will continue to study, learn and live the faith in that familiar way.  But if you are looking for what your next steps in the path of living out your faith are, I strongly urge you to consider trying an H3 group.  Jodi Beckham and the H3 Advisory Team [Melissa DiSilvestro, Cheri Taylor, Dianne Poston and Sandra Allison] would love to answer your questions and talk about the power of small groups in our ability to live our faith.

After signups in July and early August, there will be a kick-off luncheon on Sunday, September 8th and then groups will begin to meet.

If your question has ever been, “Once I say that I believe in God, what does that mean that I am to do?”, then H3 groups are a logical next step.  Come and go with us!

See you in Church!

Ellen F. Skidmore

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