H3 Ministry

H3 (as in Head, Heart, Hands) Groups, FLPC's small group ministry, includes Bible study, book studies, fellowship, and service groups. They are ongoing throughout the year.

New in 2022: We hope to create more fellowship small groups, but leaders are needed! Please let the church staff know if you are interested in leading a fellowship group in 2022-2023.

For more information about H3 groups, please contact Ed Black.

Potential fellowship options (leaders needed!)

Fitness group
Men's small groups
Women's small groups
Wood shop small group

Bible Study options

Determined: Living Like Jesus in Every Moment, by Heather Dixon

Imagine waking up every single day convinced that the twenty four hours ahead of you are a precious gift to be used wisely. How would you let go of the things that keep you from experiencing abundant life and fulfilling the plans God has for you? A 6 week women's study of Luke with streaming video.

First Corinthians Women's Bible Study - Living Love when We Disagree

How can we work out our differences and disagreements with humility and grace, always showing the love of Christ, while still remaining true to what we believe? A 6 week study with video.

40 Days through the Book: Romans, in the Grip of Grace, by Max Lucado

Max Lucado welcomes us into the freedom of grace with this exploration of Paul's letter to the Roman church. A 6 week Bible study with streaming video.

The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew is considered to be the most compressive story of Jesus. Using William Barclay’s Daily Study Bible to study selections from the book of Matthew, we will learn more of the culture and life style of the time Jesus lived and of  his teachings.

Proverbs: Pathways to Wisdom, by Dominick S. Hernandez

The book of Proverbs invites people to grow in biblical wisdom in order to journey down the right path. A 4 week study with streaming video.

"What Does It Mean to Be Chosen?" Volume 1, an interactive Bible study

This study will be used with season 1 of The Chosen, television series about the life of Jesus. Ten week study with video.

Book Study options

Begin Again: Your Hope and Renewal Start Today, by Max Lucado

This compilation is packed with encouragement to help you rely on God's love and protection, hold on to enduring hope, and trust that Jesus is the author of fresh starts---including yours! Suggested pace: 12-13 weeks to cover the 13 chapters.

Disciplines of a Godly Man, by R. Kent Hughes

With biblical wisdom, memorable illustrations, and engaging study questions, this practical guide will empower men to take seriously the call to godliness and direct their energy toward the things that matter most.

Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation, by Parker Palmer

With wisdom, compassion, and gentle humor, Parker Palmer invites us to listen to the inner teacher and follow its leadings toward a sense of meaning and purpose. Telling stories from his own life and the lives of others who have made a difference, he shares insights gained from darkness and depression as well as fulfillment and joy, illuminating a pathway toward vocation for all who seek the true calling of their lives.

Love-Centered Parenting: The No-fail Guide to Launching Your Kids, by Crystal Paine

In this raw, personal account, Crystal shares the hard-won lessons of how she shifted from results-based parenting to a love-centered model of raising her kids.

100 Things Every Child Should Know Before Confirmation, by Rebecca Kirkpatrick

A compact guide for equipping children of God of all ages with knowledge and understanding of faith, including key Bible stories, church history, the sacraments and creeds, world religions, and more. Suggested pace: 8 weeks to cover the 15 chapters. Click here to read the author's blog.

Practicing Changing Yourself to Change the World, by Kathy Escobar

Pastor Kathy Escobar inspires and challenges readers with practical encouragement to live their faith through real action using ten transformational practices, including listening more, including the marginalized, advocating for justice, and mourning with those who grieve. Suggested pace: 10 weeks to cover the 10 chapters with personal and group reflection questions.

Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home, by Richard Foster

This book is a comprehensive, profound, and immediately accessible book which opens the way for all to increase their understanding and develop their practice of prayer. Suggested pace: 10 weeks covering 2 chapters per week.

Soul Feast: An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life, by Marjorie Thompson

Marjorie Thompson offers a framework for understanding and nurturing classic spiritual disciplines such as prayer, fasting, spiritual reading, self-examination, worship, Sabbath and hospitality. Suggested pace: 10 weeks; group study guide included in the back of book.

Strength to Love - Sermons by Martin Luther King, Jr with study guide

If you have never read any of Dr. King’s sermons, this book is where to begin. There are 15 sermons in this book, but we suggest you choose from the nine suggested as a beginning. 9-15 weeks depending on how many chapters your group chooses to cover.

The Time is Now: A Call to Uncommon Courage by Joan Chittister

A beloved nun and social activist offers a soul-stirring guide for all who feel disillusioned and dissatisfied with the power-hungry institutions and systems of this world

When Kids Ask Hard Questions: Faith-Filled Responses for Tough Topics, by Bromleigh McCleneghan and Karen Ware Jackson

Suicide, sexuality, gun violence, divorce . . . the range and complexity of issues kids grapple with today can be overwhelming. In 30 essays from a diverse group of young parents, pastors, and experts, learn how to craft faithful conversations and tackle the tough topics with the kids in your care.