Forest Lake Talks


December 3, 2018

I am never more joyful than when I am creating art.  Joy comes at the first little wisp of an idea and grows as the wisp takes shape. Refinements of the idea bring joy in the form of “ah ha!” moments. Drawing, cutting, gluing, sorting sequins, testing spray paints are all part of the joyful journey and never tedious to me. Working with artist Jane Van Wyke in the process is a special joyful experience. Together we dream, try out ideas (some wonderful – others not so much!), laugh and watch our ideas take shape in ways we never imagined. When the project is completed and hung to make sure all works as planned, we both are humbled. But then a well of joy bubbles up: Laughter, smiles, high-fives abound!  God has gifted me with the desire to create and others to share in it. For that, I am forever grateful and joy-filled.     – Margaret Harris 

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