Feasibility Study

About the Feasibility Study

Forest Lake Presbyterian Church is planning for a future that belongs to God and that will continue to provide place for worship, Christian education and service here on the corner of North Trenholm and Rockbridge Roads. But, we know that there are some things that need to be done to our existing building that will enable us to continue to be faithful to the foundations that have already been laid here. Generations before us built these buildings so that we could call this place our faith home. And now it is our turn to make sure that this church exists and is functional for generations to come. The Property Ministry and Session have been talking for over a year about projects that need our attention, and they have decided to ask for your input.

There are a number of smaller projects that seem simple and obviously must be done. But the cumulative cost is beyond our annual property budgets. Then, there are two big projects that will, I think, generate a lot of interest and discussion: rebuilding the existing playground and upgrading the church’s kitchen. Before you form your opinions, I hope that you will walk around the church and look at both sites. Imagine yourself as a young parent considering this church as your church home. Does our existing playground send the message that we value little children? Beyond that, could it be made safer and accessible to children of all abilities? And the current church kitchen appears to be a commercial kitchen, but if we were ever to do more than incidental cooking, it would need a grease trap and a new oven/cooktop.

There is a lot to consider. But, I ask you to consider how you have benefited from this church’s physical plant, and to consider how you can be a part of making sure that it will work well for the generations who come after us. We want to be those who do what is necessary to provide “shade” and support for the disciples of Jesus who will come after us. It is our turn to do for the future generations of FLPC what the charter members did for us.

When members of the Feasibility Study Team ask to meet with you, please say “Yes!” It will not take much time and your input is important. Read through this brochure carefully. Participate in this process, for the integrity of our building and for the future mission and service of this church. Eric and I have made our pledge of support already, and I hope that you will join us.

Grace and Peace,
Ellen Fowler Skidmore

Feasibility Study Team


Dave and Suzanne Precht

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