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November 29 Advent Devotional

November 29, 2020

It was a rainy, muddy, spring day in September 2012, when a Social Services vehicle drove into the yard of the newly renovated headquarters of Ministry of Hope Lesotho. The eight two- to ten-year olds, that had just moved into their new home, pressed their noses against the window, wondering what was going on. I grabbed an umbrella beside the front door and went to greet our visitors. A government social worker stepped out of the Landcruiser asking if this was the crisis care center known as Ministry of Hope. I agreed that it was, and accompanied her inside, together with an elderly gentleman, carrying a toddler. Mamonyane Mohale welcomed them warmly, shooed the other children out of the room, and we settled in to hear their story.

With an expressive, sad and wizened face, Grandfather explained that he was a widower, and his son and daughter-in-law were also “late” (deceased). He was alone with the responsibility of caring for his young granddaughter. He had tried his best, but that had meant going out to work each day, leaving her alone in his little house, and only able to feed her upon his return. She was now four years old and was not growing, nor could she speak or walk. He realized that he needed help if she was to have any hope of living and growing well. He brought the child into the city and to the government social welfare offices. The social worker was directed to find the new location of the Ministry of Hope Lesotho house, and miraculously, the day after we moved in, they did!

Mamonyane, with degrees in nursing and community-based rehabilitation, evaluated and engaged the little girl right away. Within a few minutes, she got a smile out of an otherwise cautious, distrusting little face. After filling out all necessary paperwork and encouraging Grandfather to come and visit often, she welcomed Tsepang into the Ministry of Hope Lesotho family.

Regular, nutritious meals, and lots of stimulating company (with 8 instant brothers and sisters, with many more over the following years), regular physical and speech therapy, and lots of love and encouragement have wrought their miracles of hope in Tsepang’s life. She gained strength and began to walk and then to dance. She gained courage and began to speak and express herself. She gained hope and began to laugh. Gifts to Ministry of Hope Lesotho have helped provide the nutritious meals, the therapy and the special education she now enjoys. And by the way, her name, Tsepang, can be translated “a place of hope”. When she came to Ministry of Hope Lesotho, she found both home and hope.

So our hope is in the Lord.

He is our help, our shield to protect us.

We rejoice in him,

Because we trust his holy name.

Lord, show your love to us

As we put our hope in you.

Psalm 33: 20-22

Submitted by: Nancy Dimmock, Ministry of Hope

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