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December 22 Advent Devotional

December 22, 2020

“Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful” – Luke 6:36

Be merciful. It’s not a suggestion. Or a request. Or a plea. It’s a command. And commands should be taken seriously.

Yet, why do we pass the homeless as if they do not exist? Why do we assume the beggar at the intersection is operating a scam? Why do we think the person in front of us in the checkout line using food stamps has enough money to buy anything in the store? Why do we assume the skinny dog is someone else’s problem? And why do we assume God will be merciful to us- forgiving our sins and welcoming us to heaven?

Why indeed? The sand passing through the hourglass is accelerating. It’s time to be merciful.

Lord, you provide us specific guidance. We ask that you give us the wisdom to recognize your commands and the heart to abide by them. Amen

Submitted by: Wayne Harris

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