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July 20, 2022

July 20, 2022


There is so much going on at church right now that I can barely keep up!  It might seem like a quiet summer to you, but things are hopping here!  There is a lot of activity around the building.  This week the new HVAC equipment for the sanctuary is being installed!  And the Capital Campaign renovations continue.  There are some big decisions that Session will be making about how and when to move forward to address the largest construction project (kitchen, Community Room Bathroom renovations and the creation of a shower).  When Session makes decisions, we will be in touch with the congregation about next steps!  Please watch your email and newsletter for that information.

There is also a lot going on behind the scenes to be ready for the Meeting of the Congregation that Session has called for Sunday, August 28th after worship (11:00am) in the sanctuary.  There are four purposes for that meeting:

  1. To hear and act upon the recommendation of the Congregational Nominating Committee to elect Deacons and Elders for the Class of 2025 and to elect an Elder for the Class of 2024 to fill an unexpired term.
  2. To hear and to act upon the recommendation of the Associate Pastor Search Committee.
  3. To hear a report from the Personnel Ministry on the annual review of Rev. Ellen F. Skidmore
  4. To hear an update on the work of FLPC and Serve & Connect to create a COMPASS site in NE Richland County.

And that brings me to an invitation!  This Saturday – July 23rd – from 11am to 2pm – FLPC is partnering with Serve & Connect to hold our first ever block party community event. We will be on the grounds of Petersen Presbyterian Church [8131 Brookfield Rd., Cola 29223]. The goal of the event is modest: to draw members of the community to a fun event to begin the long slow work of building relationships with people we would not otherwise know.  Dr. Kassy Alia Ray tells me not to be too optimistic because people who live in at-risk neighborhoods are cynical and have had plenty of folks come do a one-time event and then leave. But I am still hopeful! This is the first step in a long plan to be present for communities north of Decker Blvd who don’t know us or each other.  You are invited to come and to mingle.  Our police partners will be there!  SLED, RCSD, FAPD, DNR and representatives from Fort Jackson.  There will be free hot dogs and ice cream.  Be Beep Toy Shop is providing free glitter tattoos (come on you know you want one!). There will be Humvees and health screenings and a DJ playing music.  Wonder what the long slow work of building relationships between at risk communities, strong communities, and police partners looks like??!! Come on Saturday and see. This is a first step in a long journey.  Remember . . .  Jesus said, “Follow Me!”

See you in worship!

Ellen Fowler Skidmore

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