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A Message from Ellen

April 14, 2021

Dear Friends,

April 22nd is Earth Day, and the custom at Forest Lake Presbyterian Church is to hold an Earth Sunday on which we recognize and give God thanks for the gifts of creation, and think together about how to become better stewards of the creation God has entrusted to our care.  This year, Earth Sunday is April 18th, and our theme will be “Grow God’s Garden.”

One of the “godmothers” of Forest Lake’s Environmental Stewardship work was Lee Pippen.  Lee died on March 25th after a lengthy battle with cancer.  But one of the last conversations I had with Lee she was making sure that I had my details straight and knew who was doing what for this year’s Earth Day events!  Lee was not the only force that – over the years – has changed our congregation into a faith family that values and lives out our love of God through our care of creation.  But Lee Pippen was one of the key, quiet, behind-the-scenes, leaders who organized the whole congregation and who, over the years, changed the ethos of our congregation.  Before she died, Lee passed the leadership torch to Julie Lott, who is exceedingly well qualified and able to lead our environmental stewardship efforts.  But, it is going to take a lot of us to step up to the leadership plate to be able to continue to do all that Lee Pippen was able to accomplish with her iPad from her recliner!  This Sunday after worship we will hold an Earth Sunday Reception, outside.  Lee Pippen’s daughter, Brooke Compton, and Gene Fisher will be there so we can tell them how much Lee meant to us.  We will have water (Bottled water ONLY as a covid concession.  Lee, please forgive us!  We promise to recycle!) and time to talk outside under the covered walkway beside the sanctuary.  Come join us for the visiting, even if you don’t physically come to worship!

There are so many wonderful things happening in the next week in honor of Earth Day.  Please pick one or two to try.  On Sunday afternoon from 2-3 there will be a PLANT GIVEAWAY in honor of Lee Pippen. One of our best gardeners, Randy Dailey, is bringing all sorts of plants for you to take home and plant in your yard!  Friday night (4/16) the whole family can come sit under the stars, eat popcorn, and watch a movie – “Chimpanzee”!  There is an Earth Day Cooking Demonstration on ZOOM if you don’t want to leave home on Wednesday, April 21st!  Recycle your old shoes or have paper shredded.  All are small things that help us thank God for the gift of creation.

One of our members, who has served as a FLY volunteer house mom for Senior High Retreats to Montreat said that she used to be lax in her recycling efforts.  But when she got to know the High Schoolers in our congregation and she learned how important recycling was to them, she changed how she felt about it.  How we live in and on the earth is a practical expression of our love for God and for each other.  Come on in!!!  Join us.

To God be the glory.


Ellen Fowler Skidmore

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