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September 11, 2019

September 11, 2019

Dear Friends,

It can be difficult to look at the world, read or listen to the news, and not feel overwhelmed.  It is possible for the threat of war, the level of need, and the terrible destruction of natural and man-made disasters to make us want to go back to bed!

But Christians are people who have a unique ability to look evil, destruction, need and anger in the face and call it what it is, while at the same time clinging to hope, love and peace.  But that ability to live “in” the world without being “of” the world (see John 17:15 ) is a conscious choice  and one that takes some discipline.

Instead of focusing on the evil, destruction and hostility, we can (without being Pollyanna or unrealistic) decide instead to focus our attention on what is just, good, true and loving.  Please read Philippians 4:8-9!  Give less space in your head and heart to what is evil and destructive by spending that “real estate” on what is good and true.  How do you do that, you ask?  I have some answers!!

Monday, September 23rd at 5:30, we will host a covered dish dinner to hear from two of our mission partners from Ministry of Hope.  Ministry of Hope is a ministry in Africa (multiple sites) that houses and feeds children who have no family to feed and care for them.  FLPC has donated money to this worthy and amazing ministry for years, but on Monday the 23rd we all have the privilege of hearing from Sally Harwood, the chair of the US Board and Momonyane Mohale, the director of Ministry of Hope Lesotho.  The story they tell is remarkable and life-giving – literally!  FLPC will provide meat and drinks if you will bring a side dish to share.  And together we will be fed with the life-giving “bread” of how God is doing amazing things in Lesotho, Africa with our help.

You will also be seeing a lot of people working on red mesh bags in the coming weeks.  On Saturday, November 9th, FLPC will hold a Potato Drop in our parking lot!  Potatoes that have been dug by volunteers from farm fields in N.C. (that otherwise would have been left in the ground to rot) will be brought to our parking lot that morning and we will need LOTS of volunteers to put potatoes in the red mesh bags we will be making.  This puts the 40,000 pounds of potatoes in a form and scale that can be used by food banks and non-profit feeding ministries.  There will be lots of jobs for people of all ages and abilities.  Please put Saturday, November 9th on your calendar and watch here for more good news.

You and I cannot save the world as individuals, but we can all focus our time and energy on things that give life, instead of things that suck the life out of us.  And our God can be found where ever authentic, real life is found.

Come and bring a friend!

See you in worship.

Ellen Fowler Skidmore

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