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A Message from Ellen

August 14, 2019

Dear Friends,

Does your journey of faith feel more like a cul de sac?  Do you wish you had a safe place to ask real questions of faith and talk to others who are thinking about the Christian faith?  Do you wish that you had some help in understanding The Bible, but you have been afraid to ask?  Do you wish you had a group of friends who could pray for each other and eat together?  Or do you already have that group of friends but have a hard time actually finding time to get together?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then please consider registering to participate in an H3 Small Group at FLPC.  H3 Groups are small groups of no more than 12 folks who will gather to meet this fall for eight weeks.  Each group will study some Scripture (curriculum is provided), talk and pray together on a schedule that each group determines to suit the group.  Groups are encouraged, where possible, to meet in one participant’s home and to eat together.  You can sign up to participate and we will work to match you with a group that meets your schedule, or you can recruit your own group of 12 and set your own schedule.  H3 groups will be offered on Wednesday nights (where a meal and child care are offered).  But most groups will meet all during the week (night and day) at times and places that suit each group.  We hope to offer childcare at church on one other night a week.  Ask Jodi for more information.  All participants will celebrate with an H3 Kickoff Luncheon on Sunday, September 8th!

If you register, you are committing to the first eight-week term.  If your group works well and you are growing in your faith, the groups will be free to continue (or even re-form as needed) for another 8 week session in the spring.   This is your invitation to make your Christian faith journey something that you are excited about walking, rather than an obligation or a lifeless habit.  There was a reason that Jesus gathered disciples around himself.  It is in committing to a group that is committed to Christ that we are changed.  And being a follower of Jesus is about being changed more and more into the likeness of Christ.

There is no cost to register, but it would be helpful to receive registrations by August 31st.  You can register through the church website – , or by filling out a registration form at church (Connecting Point Desk or Downstairs Lobby Desk).  Email if you have questions.  But, don’t be left out of this invitation to expand your faith journey.   Jesus said, “Follow me!”

See you along the way,

Ellen Fowler Skidmore

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