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July 7, 2021

July 7, 2021

Dear Friends,

If Forest Lake Presbyterian decided to send out a survey with just the following question, I imagine the response rate would be 100 percent “yes:”

Has your life been impacted in some way by COVID-19 over the past two years?

And, I believe we would have the highest response rate we’ve ever had from any survey we’ve emailed!

The good news is we don’t need to send a survey. We know the answer, so there’s no point in clogging your inboxes and sending another church email. COVID-19 has affected our church family in obvious ways, but it’s also been hidden and discrete. It is impossible to quantify the effects the pandemic has had on us mentally and spiritually.

Last week we emailed a signup for Disciple School, the upcoming recentering workshop taking place at FLPC from August 1-4. For the four nights, we are focusing on recentering AND reconnecting, powerful words that remind us of our spiritual and physical needs as disciples of Christ. We draw strength from our faith, but we also draw strength from each other. This is a chance to do both.

Are you currently caring for a loved one? Do you know a caregiver who is overwhelmed? How do we care for the caregiver? Come hear Marti Colucci from Leeza’s Care Connection to learn more about caring for the caregiver.

Have you been overwhelmed by the past two years? Join Jesse Raley from Southern Psychiatry as we discuss how to care for ourselves, and spend some time with Mary How in an art therapy session. And, Ellen will be leading a session on prayer as self care.

Finally, the body of Christ is called to lift up our neighbors. Join the staff from Cooperative Ministry to hear about the needs in Columbia, and our children will hear from Laura Stokes from Homeless No More to talk about how we can help the youth in Columbia.

The Education Committee and the Disciple School Planning team are excited about this new initiative at the church. All meals will be catered, but we need to know if you’re coming!

Sign up online in the “News and Events” section of, or click on the links sent in the June 30 Disciple School email from the church. Register by July 15 to take advantage of the special meal pricing.

See you at Disciple School!


Ed Black

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